Lockdown Diary

How do you survive a lockdown? I must admit, I’ve found the whole situation very unsettling. I can’t get to my studio, or my boat. The government is even threatening to ban my morning walk, unless people start behaving!

So I’m stuck indoors, with some pencils and paper, and each morning I set aside a couple of hours to do some drawing. I must admit, I’m enjoying the challenge of drawing subjects I would normally never consider. The biggest problem is finding a subject for the next drawing.

Recent portrait paintings.

portrait of young woman wearing denim jacket
Detail from Woman in Denim Jacket

Here are detail photos of a couple of portraits that I’m just finishing up. The above “Denim Jacket” painting has been particularly fun to paint. The model was someone who responded to a callout for volunteers to model. I found the fabric and jewellery a nice challenge.

detail from a painting of a young internet model
Detail from Portrait of Beth

Creating a Portrait

initial drawings

I recently had a callout for volunteers to pose for portraits. These are some images from the sitting I arranged with the first volunteer. I think they give a good idea of how I set about making a portrait.
I start with initial drawings, and once I’m happy with the pose and lighting, I commence with the painting. This painting is still in its early stages, but I’ll be able to finish it now using reference photos I took in the sitting.

First marks on canvas
Still early days, but the structure is there now.

This is an ongoing project, and I’m always on the lookout for volunteers. If you can get to my studio in London SE12 and can spare a few hours to pose, please do get in touch.