portrait painting

artist in front of selection of his recent portrait paintings

Portrait paintings are more than just a likeness of a person. They can capture a moment in time or a significant period in the subject’s life.  They can reveal as much about the subject’s character, emotions, interests, values, and experiences as they care to share.  They can be a powerful means of self-expression, self-representation, or self-exploration for the sitter. A portrait painting can be an historical record for generations to come. 

“Whereas in the past it was really a mark of rank or status or celebrity, I think now portraiture is more about existentialism. It’s about psychology, who they are and how they fit into society. It’s about identity,”
Dr Alison Smith, Chief Curator of the National Portrait Gallery
ref: Why Have Portraits Fascinated us for Millenia, BBC Culture 

This gallery contains a selection of portrait paintings from the past ten years. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait painting, you can find more information on the page Commission-a-Portrait or you can contact the artist directly via email on the Contact page.