Male Nudes

male nude art - detail from relationship series painting, with two male nudes on a bed

Male nude art has a long history in the West. The ancient Greeks and Romans celebrated the ideal of human beauty, strength, and heroism, depicting the naked male body as the manifestation of perfection, harmony, and balance. The depiction of the nude then declined in visibility, as Christian morality and modesty frowned upon the display of naked bodies.  The male nude regained some popularity and diversity with Baroque and Rococo art, as artists explored new themes and styles. In the post-Romantic world the male nude was sometimes used to depict the harsher realities of modern life, such as poverty, labour, or war, rather than some idealised form of perfection.

the artist in front of a detail of his male nude art painting, the wrestlers

Peter D’Alessandri has painted the male figure throughout his artistic career. Most works have been an extension of his portrait practice, but in his more recent works he has used the naked body to shock, humiliate (Putin naked in Men Wrestling) or as in the case of one of the Christ-like figures in his Disasters of War, to celebrate the strength and dignity of an executed fighter, much in the classical tradition. 

Most of the paintings in the gallery below have been sold. If you are interested in commissioning an original nude artwork, please contact the artist directly via the email address on the Contact page.