Creating a Portrait

initial drawings

I recently had a callout for volunteers to pose for portraits. These are some images from the sitting I arranged with the first volunteer. I think they give a good idea of how I set about making a portrait.
I start with initial drawings, and once I’m happy with the pose and lighting, I commence with the painting. This painting is still in its early stages, but I’ll be able to finish it now using reference photos I took in the sitting.

First marks on canvas
Still early days, but the structure is there now.

This is an ongoing project, and I’m often on the lookout for volunteers for portrait sittings. I particularly like working with people who have an interest in the creative process – who are curious about how a portrait is produced. If you can get to my studio and can spare a few hours to pose, please do get in touch.


I am now based in Eastbourne, which isn’t so convenient for people to travel to. However, if you are based in or near London, I am happy to travel to you for a sitting.

Portrait Paintings 2009-2019

Here’s a short video I made for Instagram, which shows a selection of my portraits from the past ten years.

New Model

I have been looking for a new model to work with for quite some time, and last week I had a drawing session with the fascinating Dominic Blake. As well as being a professional life model he is also a writer on art and a campaigner for better working conditions for life models. If you are a life model or even an artist who employs models, you should really check out his website:

I am planning a new series of paintings, where the model is set within a domestic environment, in natural poses; either relaxing, bathing or doing chores. It’s a return to a theme I worked on about ten years ago and was inspired by Degas’ wonderful pastel nudes.
The sitting went well enough. As it turned out, we didn’t move out of the kitchen, as the light was so good in there.

Update: Painting completed

nude painting of man on floor

It took me a while to get the expression I wanted, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.