Reaction to Russian Invasion of Ukraine

painting about ukraine war, with putin, johnson and macron

I’ve been desperate to finish this painting, but have been without a studio since March – that’s when my last studio providers in Margate asked me to move out ASAP, as they had sold the building. Oh well, I can’t complain too loudly, as it was very cheap.
Anyway, I have found somewhere to work now. It’s in Whitstable, famous for oysters and Peter Cushing. It is such a relief having a dedicated workspace, and I feel that has been reflected in my increased productivity.

detail of painting with putin on golden throne
portrait of the mad emperor Putin

Part of my anxiety about finishing this painting was because I was expecting two of my “actors” to be deposed at any moment. As of today, the 5th July, both Vladimir Putin and Boris Johnson are obstinately clinging to power, like the power crazed dictators they are đŸ™‚