New Advice on Commissioning a Portrait

portrait painting of female artist model

In this strange new world of social distancing and face masks, I thought I should write a few words about how it will affect my practice for the foreseeable future.

First, because of the limited space in my new studio, I will be unable to have any sittings there – it will be impossible to maintain anything close to social distancing. As a lot of people prefer to be portrayed in  their own home, I am quite happy to travel to the client’s home to make preparatory drawings and to take reference photos, as long as there is enough space to allow me to do my work at a distance of 2m from the sitter.  As it’s not feasible for me to relocate my studio, I will attempt to limit sittings to a couple of visits, and will complete the painting in my studio, using the sketches and photos.

artist in his studio

I will be writing a post in the coming weeks, to describe the process of commissioning an artwork. I realise that some people are put off approaching an artist because of a lack of clarity regarding prices, and also what is required of the sitter. I hope to redress this.