New studio and old model

After extensive delays caused by my preparations for moving house, various “family events”, and my dog being diagnosed with heart failure, I have finally started working in my new studio. It’s not always easy creating the right environment to produce paintings. Adequate space and light are essential, as are cleanliness and absence of distractions. All these requirements were compromised to some extent in my previous work space, and it was severely impacting on my ability to produce artwork. My new workspace has a particularly large and bright room that I can use for sittings, and I have been particularly  looking forward to the opportunity to have models pose for me here, and being able to work from life again.
charcoal life drawingsI am always surprised by how some artists will choose to work from photos, even when they have the option of working from life. Much of my painting has to be from reference photos out of necessity; I could not possibly afford to pay models to pose for the time it takes me to finish a painting. The process can become quite tedious, especially after working for months on a painting. So I am always pleased to have the chance to work from life. To be honest, it is the only time I truly feel like an artist. Shown above are preparatory drawings for my next paintings, where I’m trying to work out the best poses and lighting.