Life model required.

I am looking for models for a new series of paintings, called Headless Nudes. The paintings will be of nude torsos, as shot from above, and will not show the model’s face.
Because the viewpoint will be from directly above the model, I will not be able to make drawings, and will instead take reference photos to work from. The photos are strictly for reference, and will never be reproduced or shown anywhere.

The whole session should take no more than 90 mins, and will probably be finished much sooner. It will take place at my studio on Dace Road, London E3 2NQ. I will require the model to adopt a number of poses of their choosing, going through a variety of gestures. The purpose of this series of paintings is to explore how expressive a painting of the nude torso can be. Will it say anything about the model’s personality, and of her feelings at that time.
To express an interest, please message me, and tell me what your total fee would be, and when you might be available. I am flexible regarding days and times.