EAL 2019

I was fortunate enough to have recently had three paintings on show at the Erotic Art Exhibition held in the wonderful Barge House building on London’s South Bank. I was curious to have a look at this show, but my plans to visit on the last day were frustrated by Southeastern Railway, and a combination of engineering work and an “incident” at Hither Green that left me stranded. So I can’t review the exhibition, but from the various social media posts, it looked like an interesting show with a good turnout.

I have always had an uneasy relationship with the label “erotic” being applied to my work. It’s partly from a fear of being associated with extremely explicit and overtly sexual work, which is quite different from what I’m trying to do with my art. However, some of my paintings do sit happily within this particular genre, and it is an area which I might explore further in the future.

The show’s finished for this year, but there is a link to their website here and they’re on Instagram